About Us


The Movement

  • We believe in supporting the makers, creators and artisans.
  • We stand for saying goodbye to mass production in favor of hand crafted.
  • We align with sustainability & small batch collections, bigger isn't always better- am I right!?
  • We want our products to align with YOU. Unique, intentional & a splash of eccentric.


First off, thank you for checking us out.
My name is Julia & I am the founder of Boho Babe Living. I started this company for a few different reasons. I wanted a place to showcase my personal designs and creations and I wanted the products I purchased to, simply put, DO MORE. I wanted to buy something and actually know I was directly supporting the artisan who crafted it. I longed for pieces of home decor and accessories that were fun and unique. Oh and did I mention, I wanted these things at a reasonable price? Thus, Boho Babe Living was born. I create the designs for our fleece blankets and throws and also join with talented artisans from around the world to bring the most creative and special pieces into your home & life. All of our items are packaged and shipped from our home-base in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Life's too short for cookie-cutter,
xoxo Julia